Touchstone2.jpgEach of us has “TouchStones” stored in our brains that affect your energy level. TouchStones are memories which are big, significant reference points for our thoughts and feelings.

A TouchStone can be a positive or negative anchor in our brains. We tend to make much more use of negative TouchStones in our lives than we do of positive ones. The left hemisphere of your brain will remember a “touchstone,” particularly a negative one in a factual way that fits how you use it. Your right hemisphere recalls a memory within a much larger context and transforms negative energy into positive, open, and attachment oriented energy.

How do you get a negative “TouchStone” of a memory that makes you angry or upset over into the right hemisphere so the memory can be healed?Positive_Negative.jpg

First, make a list of the “TouchStone” memories in your life that you consider negative or that still feel negative. Then ask one, solitary important question that you are willing to give some time to answering: “What was the good that came of this?” or “What is the good that can come of this?” Then allow your right hemisphere, which is connected to the “oneness” of your nature, and to the Universe, to give you the answers. There are always benefits to negative TouchStones, if we are willing to allow the answers to emerge rather than to nurse old wounds.

Give as much energy and emotional play to these answers as you need to move them from the left hemisphere negative list of psychic energy-wasters to your right hemisphBrain_Buzz.jpgere integrator of experience.

This is the benefit. You open your energy, you unblock your psychic energy and you become freer and much more able to be in an UpSpiral where you learn faster, are more creative, and “feel good.” This increase in positive energy is a “lubricant” that allows your brain to function with greater ease and integrity.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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