The Rate of Your Vibe

All of us have a vibe, or a vibration. Some would say that we are a vibration. We think that our genes have so much to do with what we have become, but actually, it is the switches, actual on/off switches that either turn a gene on or turn it off and at a particular time, that determines the nature of our DNA.

Consider this. Bacteria have signals that they turn on to signal each other when enough of a particular kind have amassed to accomplish their purpose. Their signaling is directly affected by what you are thinking and feeling and they will turn on the “go” sign when you are in a DownSpiral.

And now consider this. They are all responsive to vibration –to the subtle nature of mood and feelings and thought. The rate of your vibration is the ratio between your positive and negative thoughts and feelings; it is controlled more by that than anything else. And it is a much more conscious than unconscious process. You control the rate of your vibration by seeing what is good, praising what is good, lifting it up in yourself and others, and living for what is good. You can be sure of this: what you really want is good and you find it in your UpSpiral of positivity.

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