The Identity of the VisioNavigator Life Coach

VisioNavigator Life Coaching aims to raise one’s happiness and emotional set-points to a higher level that enable a greater discovery of personal problem-solving ability, enlarge and engage the capacity to learn more quickly, increase creativity, raise the level of life satisfaction and personal levels of well-being.  And we believe that this increases thriving at a cellular level. We coach people from languishing to flourishing.

VisioNavigator Life Coaching increases the ability to set short-term and long-term goals and increases the likelihood of reaching goals that are real and satisfying when they are achieved.  It leads to the discovery and articulation of a set of goals and one’s own personal life vision.

 VisioNavigator Life Coaching enables a person to more precisely know what they want, increase their personal belief that they can achieve those wants and desires and to be remarkably open to the multitude of ways one’s goals and vision can be attained.  We believe this sets the tone and strength of an individual’s vibrational core.

VisioNavigator Life Coaching is so named because we believe that a sense of vision and meaning most strongly and positively guide the individual person to sense of personal significance. This is the well-spring of happiness and a sense of fulfillment in life.  We are guides to a sense of personal significance.

VisioNavigator Life Coaching does not attempt to fix problems, to bring healing, or to solve or work through personal issues.  Neither healing nor therapy is our focus or aim.  Many other institutions and modalities already do that work.  Our work assumes that a sense of fundamental well-being is already sufficiently in place to be able to do this kind of work.  While this work often is in fact both healing and restorative, these are by-products of making the process work in one’s life and not the aim or work of the VisioNavigator Life Coach.  The only requirement is that the client do the work which this process coaches, mentors and teaches.

VisioNavigator coaches do not diagnose, treat, or heal mental or physical disorders.  We are coaches and teachers of the optimally well-lived life that creates high levels of life satisfaction and deeper reservoirs of personal resilience, personal strength, and a sense of personal meaning and significance.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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