The UpSpiral of Your Life



What Is An UpSpiral?

It is living at a higher quality of life by managing the ups and downs of life more effectively. The research is overwhelmingly clear.

It is creating a mood predisposition and it is State of Mind Management (SOMM). It is living more up than down by using the power of your choice and learning the ways to do it.

An UpSpiral ranges from a conviction, a belief in a life imbued with optimistic, and being generally “on top of it.”

The DownSpiral is just the opposite, a belief in helplessness and victimhood. At its lowest point, it is despondency and despair, characterized by pervasive pessimism.


Most people live far lower in the UpSpiral than they need to be, and most people yo-yo between being somewhere in the UpSpiral and somewhere in the DownSpiral.

We have come to believe that this up- and-down is a normal part of life, when, in fact, it is just learned behavior.

We have far more choice and ability to remain in an UpSpiral that we usually know or believe.

Is it possible to be very high in an UpSpiral all of the time?

First, our research for the last dozen years shows us that people can live in an UpSpiral most all of the time, once they learn how to do it.

Second, it is also fair to say that we can live somewhere in the UpSpiral all of the time; that DownSpiral experiencing isn’t really necessary. We may not always be high up in the Spiral, but we can always be living life somewhere with the belief that we are indeed living an UpSpiral life.

Despair and the narrowing of depression aren’t necessary. It doesn’t have to be.

We live by this myth that there are ups and downs in life and that they are largely created by external events.

The truth is that, for the most part, there are external events to which we respond and our response to these events determines where we are in the Spiral, not the event itself.

Either you are a victim of a difficulty or you are stripping a problem of everything it has to teach you and becoming stronger and wiser.

Or you are learning to let one door close so another can open.

100% is the promise of our work. 100% of your time in an UpSpiral.

You’re learning the skills of the UpSpiral, you can learn them so well never to be in a DownSpiral. The oppression of the DownSpiral is a choice that is learned over a lifetime, but it can be unlearned and our time does not have to be spent there.

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About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Alan Cohen

    I like the idea expressed in this blog that essentially happiness, and our response to stressful situations, is, indeed, a choice, and further, that remaining in an upspiral can be a way of being, that is not impacted by situations. External events do not have to rock our core, and we can become more resilient to whatever occurs (and to how we even interpret events as stressful or not) by managing our state of mind. We do not have to yo-yo all over the place in the up or downspiral.

  • Kelsey Abbott

    Yes. We always have a choice. If we are aware and accept what is, we can consciously choose how we respond to circumstances. We can choose to feel and spread joy. We can choose to see opportunities everywhere. We can also choose to respond with anger or as a victim, when we feel that those responses will serve us.

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