Slumps and BRAC

We alSpark_Plug.jpgl have slumps when we are obviously not operating with all of our cylinders of energy and positivity firing. Why does it happen? Why is that I can have a down day or a down several days? When you all get finished asking the wrong question, which is “why,” and come up with a thousand different answers, let me say that it doesn’t matter. It just happens. The question is– how do we use it? Use the time gently and be as encouraging to yourself as you would be with your best friend. Treat yourself as nicely and as lovingly as a friend who was having a slump. Would you beat up on them and ask them a thousand questions until you got to the very “bottom” of their souls? Of course not! Tell yourself how good you are when all your “cylinders” are firing. Tell yourself what it feels like when you’re not in a slump. Tell yourself that you know you will bounce back, and not only back, but that you are very resilient, and that you will be feeling even better, that you will be even higher and higher in your UpSpiral.

Go to your UpSpiraLife Group and just listen. Don’t tell them that you’re in a slump and expect them to fix you because they aren’t going to do it; problem solving is not the purpose of the group.Time6.jpg

BRAC is an acronym for our daily biological clock of the highest high and lowest low within a 24 hour period. My lowest low is 4:00 a.m. in the morning and the high of my day is around 4:00 in the afternoon. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that those are my worst or my best times. But regardless, there is that biological cycle. It is not an excuse for me to feel worse, think worse, and expect something worse at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. I usually wake up and I chant and pulse myself back to sleep. I used to make the mistake, years ago, of asking “why” and thinking about everything that was a problem at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. It was awful and nothing ever got solved because it all looked different in the light of day. Now instead of worrying about everything that seems awful and likely comes out of the feeling tone of my dream sleep, I chant and feel gratitude, love, peace, and joy and soon I am back to sleep.

Slumps just are and there may or may not be a reason for them. If there is, the reason will “show up” when you feel better. It will come to you later. The Universe is notPearl.jpg trying to get your attention by pulling you down to punish you and tell you there is something wrong with you or your world. It will just come to you if you leave it alone. In one way or another it will come to you. The more you nag at it and dissect it and talk about it, the more you create it. The best answers to your problems come when you aren’t thinking about them. The answers surprise you when they come through someone else or a movie or a book, or just a “knowing.” Stop beating your slump and yourself to death and practice the principles that we teach here. You become the emotions you choose to live in. Lean, just gently, peacefully toward the positive, even if you can do it only a little.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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