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The Zeno Effect
Will Your Brain Decline? Your Choice!
The Mental Equivalency State of Mind
The Emotional Gym
Shed the Skins of the Past
Overwhelmed Are You?  Time to Feel Good!
The Rate of Your Vibe
When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens!
An 80 Year Old Billionaire’s Brain
Doubt, Doubt!  I am Full of Doubt!

The Zeno Effect

The Zeno effect proves to us that on a molecular level, what you focus on is what you create. Where is your focus? What is the ambient, background soundtrack of your brain?

When you are not paying attention to it, what is your brain thinking? The brain is always thinking, always working- that’s its job. But a lot of time our brains are taking us where we don’t necessarily want or choose to go. We live in some default setting that we really haven’t even taken the time to define for ourselves; it truly is by default. For a lot of people their default setting is grumpy, cranky, critical, uneasy, worried, anxious, “on guard”. Yours doesn’t have to be.

We would need fewer medications in this world if we chose to manage more of our thinking and feeling and decided to feel good and to feel happy, and decided to look for what was positive. For example, rather than simply react in fear to the current “new crisis” –this one happens to be financial-what if we began to tell a story like we wanted it to be? Like this:

We have gone through financial crises before of a similar nature. I always have what I need and most of the time I have what I want or I’m moving in that direction. Always in my life, where one door has closed, another door has opened. I wonder what new financial doors will open, I wonder what will be the good that will come of all this shifting in the culture of financial practices all over the world? One door closes, another door opens, ALWAYS, if you expect that it will. It’s the Zeno effect.

Then try this: For each day of my life: For today I will not worry.

Will Your Brain Decline? Your Choice!

What about the declining aging brain? The brain ages, but, like fine wine, it does not have to decline. The brain develops throughout all of life. Supposed short term memory loss is a myth. It isn’t a loss. It is the reorganization and emerging “second half of life brain” which is developmentally changing from smaller thinking to getting the bigger picture. The brain has the developmental task in the second half of life to transfer the psychic energy of short-term memory into wisdom and “getting the larger picture”. Positive emotion is the anti-oxidant of the brain- it cleans up narrow and negative thinking that causes negative aging. This negative and rigid thinking is also related, we are finding, to Alzheimer’s.

Neuroplasticity proves to us that the brain can always change.
We are increasingly finding the greater and greater degree to which it can change.

How do you want to change your brain?

What thoughts and patterns of feelings do you recognize that take you down the road to negativity and personal rigidity?

You are learning to create a State of Mind (SOM) called Certitude. Tell us how you are doing it and what it’s like!

The Mental Equivalency State of Mind

A mental equivalent is a state in which your feelings match what you want. That is to say that you can “feel” now how what you want feels. If you think that getting such and such a thing would make you feel such and such a way, the stretch of growth here is to feel how you would feel if you got what you think would make you feel that way.

It is really what faith is. Faith is knowing that you already got what you want, at some point, in some way. The feelings which that produces are the mental equivalent of what you’re asking for. If you have the faith that you’re going to get a thing or that something will come true for you, your feelings match how you will feel when it comes to you.

In a state of “flow”, you are so involved in living that you are feeling the feelings of immersion in what you are doing. Being immersed in life is feeling the feelings of living in the moment, feeling how you feel when you know that what you want is coming to you in one way or another and at some time or another. It is knowing, rock bottom in your gut, that when one door closes another better door opens. Know it, focus on what you want, feel it and get into the flow of life and see if your deepest desires don’t show up for you. I know they will!

A Mental Equivalent State of Mind
Would feel:

A little in awe and wonder

There is no reason why you can’t feel a little of that right now!

The Emotional Gym

Make a decision to start the Emotional Gym and embrace and incorporate it every day for thirty days.

Feel the emotions of gratitude, love, peace and joy 10 times a day. On a scale of 1-10, if 1 is a little and 10 is a lot, feel the emotions at a 3 or a 4. Feel each emotion for about 5-10 seconds each time. You are “pulsing” the emotion 20 times at a low level of feeling. Don’t try to make the emotion last longer and don’t try to make it more intense. Work for a series of ten pulses of gratitude for about 10 seconds over and over until you have ten. Then do the same thing with the other primary emotions of love, peace, and joy. This purpose is to learn to get to the feeling of each of these emotions instantly, on call.

These emotions can become the ambient emotional sound-track of your life. You are building emotional “muscle” and you are starting to work on mood predisposition.

Shed the Skins of the Past

You shed the skins of the past by moving forward with positive plans, positive hopes, and positive intentions. You could leave a lot of baggage behind just by getting on with your life.

We give much too much attention to what is wrong rather than what is right. We focus much too much light on problems and negative feelings and not nearly enough on getting on with it. We are made to be resilient and to “bounce back”. And the process of healing depends on the forward moving process of growth to bring strength, resilience and “bounce back”.

Overwhelmed Are You?  Time to Feel Good!

Feeling overwhelmed or even the intimations or hints of things that act as signals for “overwhelm” are not fun. They are scary. In overwhelm, we are on full negative alert; when there is just a signal, we go into an “alert” mode that is negative. And then, of course, what follows is that we attract more and more “overwhelm.”

You are Wired for Pleasure and Feeling Good!

You are wired for pleasure; your nervous system is wired for pleasure. The “fear/anxiety response” is largely learned over time as a warning system. You are not wired for fear and anxiety, except as a temporary, preventive state.

Your Opiate Receptor is Ready To Work “Feeling Good” in you!

Every cell in your body, particularly those in your frontal lobes –the decision making part of your brain–contains an opiate receptor. That means that every cell is your body is set up to receive the natural endorphin or “feel good” chemicals of the body, so that you can grow and evolve in a healthy way

VibeCore: Know what you want, believe you will get it, be open to how it comes and you can change your biology right down to the neurotransmitters in your brain!

Here’s the deal. Here’s the secret. Know and say what you want and feel how that would feel and live there in that feeling. Feel from that place over and over and over and over and over again and over exponentially. You CANNOT be in “overwhelm” and feel the feelings of what you want at the same time. So practice!

We can show you how. Get into one of our courses and grow. Sound unreasonable? We guarantee results. Click on the “Testimonials” Tab on our homepage and read what our graduates have to say!

More Life
More Joy
More Aliveness

Live the fuller, rich life
Raise your happiness set-point
Raise your emotional set-point
Set your VibeCore

Learn it for yourself and learn to do it with others!

Learn to be a VisioNavigator Life Coach
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A more effective leader
Or simply a happier you!

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The Rate of Your Vibe

All of us have a vibe, or a vibration. Some would say that we are a vibration. We think that our genes have so much to do with what we have become, but actually, it is the switches, actual on/off switches that either turn a gene on or turn it off and at a particular time, that determines the nature of our DNA.

Consider this. Bacteria have signals that they turn on to signal each other when enough of a particular kind have amassed to accomplish their purpose. Their signaling is directly affected by what you are thinking and feeling and they will turn on the “go” sign when you are in a DownSpiral.

And now consider this. They are all responsive to vibration –to the subtle nature of mood and feelings and thought. The rate of your vibration is the ratio between your positive and negative thoughts and feelings; it is controlled more by that than anything else. And it is a much more conscious than unconscious process. You control the rate of your vibration by seeing what is good, praising what is good, lifting it up in yourself and others, and living for what is good. You can be sure of this: what you really want is good and you find it in your UpSpiral of positivity.

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When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens!

This is a remarkable example of a concept we use widely in our work here at ANI. If you go back through your life, wherever one door closed, another door opened. Let me give you a very short-term approach to long, endless, needless, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Make a list of every door that closed in your life in one column and then next to it, make a list of the doors that subsequently opened. Perhaps they didn’t open right away, perhaps you spent a little time, or what seemed like a very long time, getting ready for the next door to open, but it always opened. The next door always opens when you expect that it will. Feel sorry for yourself forever, act and feel like a victim, moan, groan and complain and that door will take longer to open. The man in this video had a very big closed door, but opened it in a remarkable and astounding way. We believe at ANI that Spirit is everything, that Spirit is all there is. If that is true, and it is, because that is what you find by being at the crossroads of positive psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics; then the more attention you pay to the door that is closed, the longer it takes to find the door that will open.

Here is a remarkable door that has opened. Watch it and put your mind on the door that will open.

Click here!

An 80 Year Old Billionaire’s Brain

T. Boone Pickens is a billionaire. He is 80 years old and relates that 90% of the taxes he paid were after he was 70. He loaned his brain to science for about an hour for an fMRI so that neuroscientists could see if there was anything about his brain that differed from the usual picture of an aging brain. This after all was an 80 year old brain. Most of our ideas about the brain come from looking at brains that have aged with problems or degeneration. It is occurring to us now to look at brains of remarkable and successful older people. The results are explosive.

After being put through a number of exercises, this brain of Mr. Pickens functioned in much the same way that young brains function, much to the amazement of the doctors. There was just no sign of an “aging” brain.

Why? Because he uses it. More and more we are realizing that the brain is a malleable organ and that it wires and rewires itself on the basis of a person’s activities and experiences.

Mr. Pickens will be the first in a long line of people that science will now find whose brain does not “age” as we think.

Learn to live in an UpSpiral, learn to play to your strengths, have a VibeCore that you are constantly tuning with new goals and strategies for living and you can do the same as Mr. Pickens! But if you buy into the idea that age means decline, particularly for the brain, then that is exactly what you get.

This is what you learn at ANI-how to keep your brain young!

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Doubt, Doubt!  I am Full of Doubt!

There is a tendency to think, or really to be afraid that if you are having “doubts,” then you are sabotaging any growth in positive consciousness that you have made. Doubts begin to be a sign that you have missed the mark, and life, seen through the lens of this doubt, starts to be filled with anxiety, fear, and dread.

The important thing is to keep the “doubt” in perspective. The “doubt” comes from two places, primarily. The ego (the old self that doesn’t work really well anymore) is dying, along with its neuropathways and associations in the brain. Old ways die hard, especially when they belong to the structure of the ego. The other is that the brain is just necessarily made to doubt, to question, to seek more information. The brain, for as long as we live, whether we like it or not, is always scanning for a virus of any kind. A certain kind of doubt is just normal.

This is what is important. Are you predominantly moving, over the days and months, higher in the UpSpiral or are you over a period of time moving into a DownSpiral? That is what most affects your overall vibration. Look at your doubt over a period of months, not from the lens of a day or two of being mired in it. Is the general, gradual move to a more positive mind over time? That is your vibration from which you attract to you what happens in your life. The lean is so gradual that most of the time we don’t realize that we are getting better and better at it.

Your vibration is determined by your overall, over time, more whole sense of staying in and moving in the direction of your UpSpiral. A very small amount of movement each day is better than leaps and bounds of temporary enthusiasm that will fade.

Don’t make it harder than it is. When you doubt, don’t use it as the lens for everything. Keep the doubt in perspective and do something good for yourself that you can enjoy just a little bit. Find just one thing to appreciate and don’t work so hard at it.

Growing in consciousness is a downstream journey.

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