How Open Are You To “Chaos” & Novelty?

Dr. William K. Larkin


Adventures 2It is time to let new things into your world.

To become increasingly open and diverse to the new things the Universe is giving can seem particularly complex, if not downright puzzling.

Novelty and diversity isn’t always easy, but it is usually very exciting.

If you stay in an UpSpiral and if you use your strengths, this is exciting and experienced as new life. From a DownSpiral, this kind of growth looks like you are letting go of your old foundations without the new ones being firmly established.

And there is a tendency to want to go back, to revert to old ways of being negative and critical of yourself and others. However, in doing that you just become miserable, and the contrast with the way you CHange Sameare growing with the way you were is just too difficult and you know you have begun a course that you can’t change.

Once you have experienced an UpSpiral and once you have experienced “feeling good,” there is no going back into negativity and mediocrity, at least not for long.

Consider this.

The more positivity you experience, the more you are going to be open to novelty (as chaos) and to diversity (as differentiation). You are going to change your perceptions, your beliefs, and your ideas about yourself and others. In an UpSpiral we are just freer for things to come to us “out of the blue.”

It is likely that already some things have come to you “out of this blue.” What are they? How have you responded? If they haven’t they will because of your increased openness and flow in life.

Savor LittlesSome of this novelty may come in the form of just savoring more of life and enjoying the “little” things. Or it may come in being fired from your job or a new and different pathway opening up for you. It may come in a friendship or a romance or it may come in a relationship that ends.

But, as you are open, this increased experience of diversity will come.

Novelty means just how it sounds – an openness to “newness.” Just how open are you to newness, to new thinking, to new ideas, to new ways of doing things, to new people? How well do you tolerate differences as opposed to seeing how everything is really alike? A greater and greater sense of oneness and integration emerges from a greater allowing of differences and novelty. There’s just more to work with.

Deep within us what is being challenged is how much of a “yes” we are saying to life and how much of a “no.” There is a place where we put the skids on life and say, a little less or no more for me! We begin to blame it on many things like aging, illness, stubbornness or regret, whatever the external reason. There seems to be a big “no” to more of the novelty of life. Many think they are just too tired, but those who tire and those who have not opened themselves sufficiently to diversity are those who fear “chaos.”Break Through

A deeper yes to life always happens in positive people, those individuals who are living in some form of positivity being who want to experience more and whose strengths are engaged for the experience. There is a welcome and openness to the diverse and multiple ways that what we want can be delivered.

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Dr. William K. Larkin
  • MissTowner

    This really puts a fun spin on change. Having had my mind opened to this way of thinking, my awareness for new and different opportunities is heightened. I’m on the lookout for new and seemingly strange opportunities, because you never know when something amazing will happen. When I’m in the upscale and feeling good, good things come my way because that’s what I’m setting out to attract, so naturally my vibecore score is high too 🙂 Only good comes my way!!

  • Yogess1111

    Finding this certification course is just a perfect example of once you make the shift toward a more positive life and open up the possibilities, you keep attracting more. I began yoga a few years ago and it deeply shifted my life, my perspective and my path. The more I have grown in a positive direction, life has matched that vibration and has delivered positive people, experiences and opportunities. This program is yet another blessing that has found its way into my life to continue this growth.

  • joseph967

    If we stay focused on being in a upspiral and open to the new ,we will have breakthrough. Utilizing the tools provided and being in the flow will bring positive changes. Building off our strengths and being open to the new opportunities.

  • I love the idea of building psychological capital By practicing and exercising in the emotional gym and using our strengths we build a reserve of positive emotion that becomes our buffer against the negative. I still experience negative circumstances, i choose to save my psychic energy and not react in a negative way. Predictability is a safe way of experiencing life. And for those that are uncomfortable or unsure about change may find this is how they want to experience life. But for those seeking change they do not want the ability to predict, they do not want life to be the same as it ever was for them. To me this is the leap of Faith and trust that what is coming next is everything that I have ever wanted.

  • Jodi Yauch

    Not only is there a tendency to go back to your “old ways”, but you can expect that people will darn-near demand it of you! When you operate from a different framework, it can really trigger other people’s ego and cause them to react… which can cause you to react.. or not. It’s a choice, if you are aware and grounded enough to see it and detach from the ‘story’!!

  • Joe_Mojo

    As we move away from our story and into the now there is a natural tendency for some of those around us to find that shift threatening. We have become something of an unknown, and that can be unsettling. This time becomes one of many opportunities for us.

    We can appreciate the diversity and add new friendships and perceive new social horizons as we open ourselves up to the incredible wonder of the universe. Also, this creates a unique coaching opportunity with those around us who may find this change in us threatening. By our strengthening in the Emotional Gym we can remain in the UpSpiral and not submit to negative emotion of a perceived loss of friendship. As coaches we have the ability to help bring some of those close to us along for the ride in opening up new appreciation and acceptance of change, not as negative, but the beautiful natural order of our universe that can be enjoyed.

  • Swanstar98

    I’ve previously been exposed to the idea that inviting the smallest of novelties, think of choosing to drive a different routes to work or the gym, begins to open us to creativity. Here I see the ties between the UpSpiral, openness, and newness. The ‘No’ to novelty seems like the habituated responses we read about this week. For me this is about whether we’re choosing to live consciously or living on autopilot (still making a choice, although probably without giving thought to it). Each time I say yes and engage in the Emotional Gym exercises, I open myself to new experiences of those emotions as well as a host of new experiences that are possible from an optimistic frame of living. I’m grateful to have these resources and am grateful I’m choosing to say yes.

    Much of what is being talked about here are the broaden aspects of Dr. Fredrickson’s theory on positive emotions. By living in positivity my focus, and more than that my receptivity, for all of life, is broadened.

  • Joanne E Harrington

    This article sums up for me what attracted me to becoming a NeuroPositive coach. So many of us – me included feel stuck and fearful of living out a dream or getting out of the cages we create for ourselves. Knowing that our full potential – our happiness starts by living ever more often and intensely in the vortex of the UpSpiral was the launch pad for me. And it was all my doing. I learned how to be more positive in thought, feeling and action. This was my rocket fuel. Truly. I broke out of my self-imposed cage of self-doubt and anxiety. And it did this while coping with the illness and death of my spouse. I am not a super-hero by any means. I learned to love myself as much as my family and friends love me. But I needed a process. I needed a research based program. I tried willing my way to happiness – giving myself pep talks. But my old thinking habits kept winning out. I had to learn to starve the negative thinking and grow and nurture a positive lean to my daily routine. This is what the Emotional Gym is all about. And through this, I have opened myself to attracting chaos and differentiation. I have significantly less anxiety and have much more focus due to the goals I develoed. These are always with me and are my compass.

  • When considering this newness or being open to the idea of new things, experiences, etc. in an UpSprial I have been open to whatever life brings. Through each experience I understand that I feel good and the universe will provide what I need. I say “yes” to life daily. Whatever it make bring and see how everything is connected. My UpSprial allows me to see diversity as a new lenses versus something that has “happened to me.”

  • I would like to respond to the section of this post that speaks to things coming to me “out of the blue”. I had made the decision several months ago to enroll in a yoga certification program in the summer. There are two studios in my area that I was interested in exploring after doing my online research about their certification programs. I held the inner intention to visit both of these studios and meet their staff before I made my decision. As a result, I enrolled in a one day workshop for this upcoming weekend to meet the master instructors at one of the yoga locations. Last week seemingly “out of the blue,” I walked into a local business run by a friend and “ran” into the co-owner of the 2nd yoga studio. I told her of my interest in becoming certified and she invited me to take a class with the master instructor there as her guest. My response was “YES” knowing that doors were being opened for me by living in an UpSpiral flow.

  • Living in an another country, working with people bellonging to 26 different nationalities and working in different languages always bring novelty to me and my job, anyhow, this novelty also become a rutine after a while. I look for novelty in new trainings to grow as a Coach, This year is the “Neuropositivism training” I do with you. I recognised the “chaos” it was at the beggining as I did not understand much specially at 3.00 a.m. I really thank you for everyhing you are brining to me as a novelty !!.

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