No, God Will Not Remove Your Character Defects Or Your Weaknesses…

Spiral_Red.jpgThey are too important in the overall picture. To remove them would be to tear out of you a part that is intended to be an important sign post and signal.

Your character defects, your weaknesses, are the other end of the same stick which is your strengths. It’s all on the same line of energy, just at separate ends. When you are heading into a DownSpiral, you will play to your character defects. When you are in an UpSpiral, you will have a greater tendency to play to your character strengths, especially if you know what they are. In fact, if you know what your character strengths are and you know that you need to stay in an UpSpiral to play Worry_Hands.jpgto them, you are more than likely going to do that. It’s just easier.

Focus on your character defects and getting rid of them and they will grow. Worry that God hasn’t removed them and you get frustrated, irritated, and stuck.

Shine the light on their opposites, which are your character strengths, and your character strengths will grow and grow and grow infinitely. In fact, they can grow to a “genius” level if you feed them and grow them over 20 years.

There is an interesting twist here that I have noticed in researching various 12 step addiction movements. One of the steps is to be willing to have your character defects removed by God. It just says “willing,”Fire_Alarm.jpg which is very important. It doesn’t say brood over them if they aren’t removed and use that as an excuse not to grow and live the fully-lived life.

Your weaknesses change very little over a lifetime because they are signposts pointing you in the direction of your strengths, which are infinitely malleable.


Think about this: your weaknesses are the opposites of the strengths you haven’t claimed and moved into flexing and growing. They are also reminders when you get off track to go to your strengths rather than to play with the fire of your character defects. Your weaknesses are fire alarms. Don’t remove them. See where they point you and learn to grow from them.


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Dr. William K. Larkin

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