NeuroPositivity Isn’t Just The Opposite Of Negativity

Positivity is not a SWEET THIN SHELL wrapped around negativity like an M&M.

Positivity is in the code of your DNA expressed throughout the entire genome of the human being

Positivity is in your DNA. It is not just a learned, adaptive response to life to make it seem more bearable.

Positivity is in your genetic make-up, in your chromosomes, and in the nature of creation and being. It’s just that basic.

Positivity expresses the movement toward life, aliveness, meaning, and the good life that cause the process of life to unfold, to evolve, and to become an even greater expression of itself that’s YOU.

The neural channels of positivity aren’t the same as negativity. A simpler way of saying this is that the neuropathways that are neuropositive are different from those that are negative. It’s a different system. Health is not just the opposite of illness; it is its own system. Illness, as a matter of fact, is a separate system developing differently than this system of health and flourishing.

Positivity is more like the meaning of the word “heliotropic,” which means light seeking or growth seeking. It is in the nature of the seed to seek the light, and it is in our nature as human seeds to do the same.

Your DNA is coded with a need for making meaning in your life. It is coded for you to have a sense of direction. You are coded, at the basic level of your being, to DEVELOP all the days of your life. That development is DNA grounded in your requirement as a human being to find your sense of personal significance. That sense comes from the way you make meaning of life.

If you are a sour cynic about life, you will likely look like you are. You will take on the nature of that cynicism in the very nature of your being and your physical expression. Not only will you not look like a happy camper, but your sense of meaning in life that provides for you a sense of the good life, the well-lived life, and a life of vision, will have faded.

Positivity is expressed in the developmental stages of life, not only in childhood but in those after 50, in the second half and the last third of life. There are stages and transitions that are about meaning-making.

You may retire from a job you had for 35 years, but you do not retire from the job of making meaning and growing toward the light.

Positivity is the job of your genes and your chromosomes, and it is the expression of the brain and the mind. We are engaged in this total job of finding meaning and enjoying it long past the too easy reliance on a job or work to keep going with some sense of productivity. As a teenager, if you do not pursue this meaning making, you become self-absorbed and lost in the world of your headphones. Your hormones are working to get you out of the headphones and into the world of your first meaningful kiss.

Here is a clue. Our meaning is found in where we are creating love and compassion in our personal expression of life. It is found in where we are giving our gift, our passion, and pursuing our curiosity and creativity.

I recently heard of a woman in her 80s who is falling in love with a man for the first time. She spent her whole life married and in a relationship with a man she loved, but this time she is “in love.”  He’s as old as she is and he brings her flowers everyday. One morning her daughter asked why she was sitting on the front porch at night for so long with this man, what were they doing? She replied, “Oh, we were necking.”  Necking is an old, old word for “making-out,” but even at 80 it describes the same thrill of loving. She went on to say that she had never felt like this before. There was not the shred of an idea in her that at 80 she must be too old and far gone to feel this way!

We are made for meaning that is expressive of love, compassion, and passion, and the way is always idiosyncratic, is always very individual, but it is there in every stage of life haunting us, goading us through every transition that is a doorway to new meaning and new love of life.

Positivity is far more than the determination to think or feel positive thoughts (although that’s a part of it.)  it is the good life that is found in meaning making, the principle test of which is a sense of personal significance.

About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • A. Fagan

    To know that I am like the seed that depends upon light for my very survival. To know and be that vision of health, vitality, and well-being inside and out, as I twist and turn to know and be known. I am turned on to be a meaning maker. I had some fun playing with the words which I will share.
    Meaning making. Making meaning. Being the meaning maker. Making the meaning maker. Making making. Making making meaning. Being meaning. Being making. Meaning being.

  • Karen Smith

    I always considered myself an optimist, however now I have to say that my sense of self and personal happiness truly came alive when I realized I had a deeper sense of purpose and that purpose would improve the lives of another or many in meaningful ways. I felt elation when I discovered that everything in my life lead up to to my vision and that I was uniquely qualified by my life experiences to have this come through me. I get so filled up with emotion when I think of why I am here. People were drawn to me much more. I felt more positive and and would sit some days just enjoying the happy for no logical reason. It did not come without shedding the layers of old false stories that sometimes peeled away sharply like a scab. But what awaits under each layer is another layer of awe, wander and self discovery a feeling on oneness with source, something greater than, but yet a part of me. Realizing my ability to give, serve more, learn more and offer my unique gifts, gives me an excited feeling to wake up in the morning. My connection with my family immediately deepened, my heart opened up. I believe that each one of us was born with an ingrained purpose and that each of our lives are one of a kind which makes our purpose always a unique beautiful gift.

    • Melissa J Burgess


  • Maureen Fluke

    Making meaning for me in my life is to trust my senses. To
    know that I am feeling something that I may not even be able to put into words,but I know I feel it in my gut.
    Making meaning is when I look into a child’s eyes and see such beauty but feel their self-doubt, and I feel a yearning to connect while offering a smile, hug or just an ear to listen to them.
    Making meaning is when I notice a young girl who has a young child and I feel and sense her overwhelmed exhaustion. Feeling moved to offer a smile and compliment or some kind words ,or to even offer a reliable sitters name & number.
    Making meaning in my life is seeing the woman at the register that cannot pay her grocery bill because she miscalculated her coupons, and feeling moved to pay for them.
    Making meaning of my life is noticing the guy in front of me who just cut me off to make the yellow light and feeling that maybe he just had a bad day and is feeling super stressed and I am feeling the need to send him a little peace…Making meaning in my life is from the sense of feeling moved to Compassion, even in the smallest of these things. To try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. In
    feeling & trusting my gut and being moved
    in a way of compassion I feel full & more complete~ Yes,this makes my
    Life feel more alive & expansive,and worth living every second when applied with the beautiful sense of meaning.

  • Melissa J Burgess

    ANI again confirming that I am exactly where I am meant to be. My rebirthing happened at age 38. I was propelled into positivity; love, joy, oneness, and expansion of my mind and heart and so much more. I had been married for 16 years at that point, 2 children, career as a social worker, home, social network, extended family; had everything that I thought life was about but knew deep down there was always something more and I wanted to find it.
    This awakening experience has taken me on quite the journey into unchartered territories that seem insane at times. There is this amazing Life Force that keeps propelling me and my loved ones forward into more greatness, confusion and deep love and appreciation. Life is calling us all to be more fully of who we really are and knows the path of least resistance, though I have still been able to resist when it again seems crazy.
    Five years later I find myself having moved 3000 miles away from my extended family after selling our home, divorced 3 years later, living separately from my two older children at times, found a new spiritual community, in a new relationship with a man who makes my heart sing, welcoming a new child into this world 9 months ago, having a better relationship with my first husband, establishing a deeper relationship with each of my children who are unschooled, and so much more. Many bumps along the way but still resilient.
    Positivity absolutely opens our hearts and minds and allows this Life Force to take us downstream with ease, where we accept the way things are as good for all in this ongoing expansion. Staying positive gives life meaning and allows us to move through the not so clear, not so easy steps of life. Like giving birth to my third child, I had to labor through the process but did so with enthusiasm for this miracle, while breathing deeply through the not so comfortable. Life is always calling us forward and I am so excited to be building more positive neuropathways to support me through each moment as I share more love, more joy, more peace, more gratitude with my loved ones and all of life.

  • This post resonates with me very strongly. If I do not have a deeper meaning in my work, relationships, family, etc. I tend to feel lost. I daily make a conscious effort to root into my intent, my growth, my lean to the upward spiral. I am working on moving from a superficial feeling of happiness to a deeper connection to the abundance of light within me.

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