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Dr. William K. Larkin

Simply ProfoundThe simplest of gifts is the most profound and what I am giving you is both:


And it speaks to the healing power of positive emotion.

As a result of cancer, several years ago Norman Cousins, editor of the “New Yorker,” wrote an account of his recovery in the EARLY days cancer treatment – The Anatomy of an Illness.

I have been profoundly influenced by this book.

My grandfather, my father, and several of my uncles each died of a different form of cancer. My only paternal aunt lived into her 80’s or more and did not die of cancer.   I have great confidence that I will not carry this cancer tradition among the men in my family, nor pass the predisposition on to my sons.

How am I so sure?Unheard Of

Cousins did something unheard of. He had a television brought into his hospital room (his diagnosis was not good) and along with it he ordered only funny television programs, including the entire “I Love Lucy” series.

He watched them and he laughed and laughed and laughed. Honestly.

He limited his visitors only to those people who would be cheerful and upbeat, and did not allow visitors who were worried, sad, or depressed. Cousins recovered and wrote his wonderful, insightful book based on his personal experience, which counts as research even as one person.

Medicine JoyPositive emotion is safe medicine with unbelievable side effects, free and absolutely grounded in research. It needs to be taken at least 3 or 4 times a day depending upon on the amount of negativity in your world. A good guide is 3:1. Do three positives for yourself to every negative in a day, approximately. If it’s a big negative, do a big positive for yourself.

Do you care enough about yourself and those you love to take your medicine?

This is my challenge: become more facile, agile, and instant with positive emotion than you are with negative emotion.   I can give you a mega study of 300 separate studies that all overwhelmingly show the importance of positive emotion. There is no such study of the importance of negative emotion, health, and well-being.

Just think about it. You are “rocket rapid fast” in your ability to get to a negative feeling. We can go there in a big way in a very short time, even if we hide it from others.

IN A SNAP WE CAN BE IN A SNIT. And we Hissy Fitcan make this snit last; if it isn’t resolved to our liking we can make our negative feeling stronger and stronger, thinking we are controlling something.

We do this at great cost to health and well-being.

My gift to you is to tell you that you can get to a positive emotion in an instant, you can make it last just as long as a negative emotion, and you can intensify it, just like you blow up negative emotions. But you have to know that you can and you have to practice.

Start HereStart with two simple things that are worth a fortune to know and which executives pay big money to learn.

1) Make a decision to feel more positive feelings in 2015. A firm decision.

2) Start to identify some situation that gives you instant negative feelings, and use that as a cue to turn to a little bit of a positive feeling. Choose one of these: gratitude, peace, love, joy, or hope.

You have to learn to feel one of these five feelings with ease. If you can’t feel then start by thinking it and it will come. Let situations that draw an instant negative be a cue to go instantly to a positive feeling, if only just a little.

For example, when someone pulls in front of you in traffic, doesn’t signal or is going too slow, instead of negative irritation, simply feel a little but of peace or love or joy; give it to yourself and send it to them.

You can learn to make a positive emotion rocket rapid transit that literally changes where you are in an instant. You can learn to make a positive emotion last for a while (duration). You can also intensify a positive emotion. The next time you see a beautiful night sky or a sunset or something lovely, make the feeling of gratitude or joy last for a much longer time.

This is ROCKET RAPID TRANSIT to Positive Emotion.

Ride the rocket.Rocket Ride

Get as good at having positive emotion as you are at having negative emotion.

It will change your life as it ripples through the rest of your consciousness.







About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • This blog article ends with a sentence regarding getting as good at positivity as having negative emotions. “It will change your life as it ripples through the rest of your consciousness.” For me, this promise has become REALITY. My husband and I daily ride the “rocket rapid transit” to positive emotions. We started doing the Emotional Gym almost six years ago and initially it was a novelty. At that time, we were working on strengthening the neuropathways in the the right hemisphere of our brains that deals with novelty or establishing new patterns. However, by going to the emotions of LOVE, PEACE, GRATITUDE, JOY, and HOPE with consistency, we have routinized those emotions in the left hemisphere of our brains. This is how we now LIVE.
    It surprises me how skeptical others can be about neuropositivity doubting its usefulness and power based on the belief that it seems too simple. Yet, there is a growing body of empirical research documenting its overall benefits. Consider that this type of skepticism is rooted in an old paradigm.

  • Truer
    words cannot be said. In the passed 48 hours I have encountered some
    situations that could have “put me in a snit.” (love that) But since I
    have been with ANI and using the tools that we have learned – these
    snits have no power. They do not have the power to ruin my day, or to
    feed into any of the other negative emotions that they connect to or the
    people I think they connect to. But applying the 3:1 ratio is a great goal. I am finding that pulsing in the emotional gym, giving the benefit of doubt to others, setting my ES, US and VC, negativity and “snits” do not keep me in their clutches for long. Negativity, bad situations happen, it is nice now to have to tools and the choice not to be pulled into the down spiral.

  • MissTowner

    It’s almost insane how fast we get to and stay in a bad mood. I tend to have obsessive thoughts, and boy did I obsess the negative, in every which way. The negative thoughts still come to steal my joy, but having been equipped with pulsing positive emotions, I’m able to fend off negativity with positive obsession of love, or joy, or gratitude. Knowing I can gain psychological capital by changing the ratio of positive emotions 3:1, gaining the happiness I want out of life is more than doable!

  • One of the grandest benefits of this work is the awareness of the gravity and rapidity of a negative thoughts and negative evidence gathering; and the real and pure relief from catching that pull and having the agility to change the trajectory of the emotion — therein the trajectory of my day. Example: the full and busy stores, roads and hustle of the pre-Christmas rush was compounded by a full client load and set of work related deadlines. I my anxiety ran negative. And if felt familiar and almost ‘of no choice’. And honestly, I almost didn’t want to try the Upspiral exercise etc… I didn’t think it was possible – and actually, the negativity felt familiar and energized me, but not in a good way. So, I went to the CD of music from the GTPM book and just listened and listened. And, it worked. I visualized gratitude, peace, love, joy and hope. I felt my breathing calm. I lightened up and I felt a shift, a physical shift. I choose to act on my strengths of love, faith and joy/zest. I saw twinkling lights in the trees; I heard people helping each other; I imagined my work done with ease. All was better. Thank you!

  • Kathleen Burkhalter

    This year, I put this to the test. It works! It works easily! Where an old “snit” used to ruin a day, it now lingers for a moment and then flies away. In spit of amazingly challenging circumstances, (cancer) I have been able to stay in the UpSpiral, find meaning in my situation, and feel a shower of synchronicities and gifts. Because I chose to stay in the UpSpiral, what was supposed to be a hard year, has turned into a meaningful one full of goodness. In spite of surgery and chemo, I have had marvelous blood counts and no pain. I attribute this to my state of mind. I am so grateful. I get better every day, and see the direct connection between being positive and my health.

  • It works ! you only have to get used to it. Do it every day, get the habit and test it, how would you know if you do not try ? I challenge my clients with it, it is a new way to start my coaching process, I aske them: Would you dare to feel positive emotions when you like ? how long ? how many times a day ? would you accept the challenge ?

  • Yogess1111

    I am really grateful for these tools! As we were going along plotting our upspiral scores, I couldn’t imagine either score dipping below 50. It had been soooo long since I had been there but recently I had a situation that within a few minutes had me circling the drain. I was so taken back by the power of the downward pull. Fortunately I had just enough experience to start pulsing. It took a bit to climb back out of the vortex and back into sanity but pulsing helped!

  • Dr. gloria wright

    I too remembered Cousin’s study when I recently had to have emergency surgery. My first reaction was that the operation and the removal of a non-malignant mass in my intestines had saved my life.

    As I mentioned all the “good” things that had occurred, I was not feigned by the “ain’t it awful” versions that came my way. One friend teased, “That’s an extreme way to lose some weight, isn’t it?”

    I do admit that I had to actively “practice” pulsing those positive emotions. I didn’t have my keenest wit for the immediate 6-week recovery period. I couldn’t comprehend and/or articulate complex things. So I focused on the basics: keep an optimistic attitude, believe good things are happening, stay in an UpSpiral and focus on strengthening those positive emotions: love, gratitude, peace, joy and hope.

    It’s working. According to the medical profession, I have head a miraculous recovery!

    It’s not done, yet! I aspire and commit to keeping vigil on the positive. I’m grateful for my NeuroPositive training. It is indeed a facet of my positive and successful recovery.

  • Swanstar98

    What I love about this gift is that getting to a positive emotion in an instant really is possible and it happens more and more just because I chose to experience a positive emotion. What a wonderful learning that has been for me. Rather than being driven and controlled by things looking a certain way outside of myself in order for me to feel positive emotions, I am at choice. I love this! I so appreciate the Emotional Gym and the importance of continuing to practice and expand on the three dimensions of positive emotions, immediacy, duration, and intensity.

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