Flow Or “Out Of The Blue?”

Experiences that come to us “out of the blue” with good and great things seem to be very serendipitous. What if they were not so out of the blue as we might think?  What if they happen at times when we are in a particular state of personal vibration?

This personal vibe is our energy field that is a combination of knowing what we want, believing we will get it, and being open to however it will come.

This vibe is what brings us the “flow” of our lives.  It is “flow” that we get into that is like being “one with the music.”  This vibration is about novelty, and how much novelty we are able to allow into our lives.

The opposite would be how much we choke off life and demand satisfaction from the world around us in ways that become narrower and narrower.

Chaos “theory” refers to how random a system can be and how full it can be of different ideas, notions, facets, and particularly of novelty.  Chaos here is the potential to allow novelty, newness or differentness.  It is the capacity to tolerate and allow “otherness” and diversity in our lives.

Put differently, when you know what you want, believe you’re going to get it, and are open to all the ways it can happen, or at least on the way to this, you’re beginning to experience “flow” in life.  You begin to be cool or easy with a way of life that is one with the music –things seem to be more of a whole. 

When that happens over time you are going to find that there is more chaos, in terms of novelty and diversity in your life.

You will also experience or try to experience greater differentiation.  However, allowing chaos (novelty) and differentiation in your life is not always an easy thing.

The more you practice and work on your “vibe,” what we call your “VibeCore” of knowing what you want, believing you will get it, and being open to how it will happen, the more you experience a “flow” in life.  You just get into a pace where life is flowing and you are going with it.  There are ups and downs but you are, for the most part, in an UpSpiral.  Life flows more.

There are times when our world goes “shake, shake, shake” and there is the rumble and tumble of an earthquake of old ideas and old ways of doing things falling aside because they don’t work anymore.  Things that used to satisfy no longer satisfy.  Relationships that used to be fun may now seem a little stale and unfulfilling.  Even the food you eat may taste differently.

It is time to let new things into your world.  To become increasingly open and diverse to the new things the Universe is giving can seem particularly complex, if not downright puzzling.

As you can experience a higher VibeCore and more of the flow of being in a more confident place, the Universe is freer to give to you doorways that don’t seem like answers.

Novelty and diversity aren’t always easy, but they are usually very exciting.

What this does is open you to the experience of greater chaos (novelty and newness) and differentiation (seeing thing from a wider and wider and more whole perspective).  When this happens your life shifts.  It shifts big very quickly or it shifts a little at a time and you find yourself in transition.  And transition can feel like very new territory and sometimes like our usual understanding of the word “chaos.”

So don’t be thrown because you are beginning to change in some particular ways.  You are growing and the best way to support this growth is to be increasingly open to all of the diverse ways that what we want can come to us.  Oftentimes, this is what seems like “out of the blue.”

About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Joanne E Harrington

    When I was a hockey Mom, just before each game I would look my goaltender son in the eyes and say ” be one with the puck.” That is the image that came to mind when I read this article. When one’s focus is concentrated on the task at hand, when there are no extraneous thoughts – no over thinking, and the love and joy of the game takes over – success happens.

    Doing the exercises in the Emotional Gym is without doubt all about increasing one’s personal vibe. Focus, focus, focus. Positive, positive, positive. Pulse, pulse, pulse. What do I want. What do I want. etc.

    I am still wrapping my head around the notion that chaos is beautiful. Guess I have bought into the movie makers concept that chaos is bad. Or perhaps I haven’t given enough thought to the expansive definition provided by Dr. Johnson. Newness, novel and differentiation are neutral terms. It really is the spin and actions taken that determines whether the outcome of chaos is negative or positive isn’t it?

    Nothing good comes from living a life in the Down Spiral. New and novel possibilities are opened up by choosing to think, feel and live in the Up Spiral.

    Doing so creates possibilities for new experiences which up until now I didn’t appreciate. Makes sense though. If our mind notices when the status quo is being interrupted that implies our mind notices the unfamiliar, the different, the same old, same old.

    Am I prepared to serve up some chaos? How do I quiet my executive lobes to permit the thalmatic brain to navigate efficiently and effectively through the chaotic attempts I make? Doing this will facilitate me living a life fully in the Up Spiral and watching my personal vibe in action. My reading indicates there must be an alignment between these two parts of the brain. Have I got it right? In order to feel comfortable trying on new, novel and different choices in my life, I need to dampen down my tendencies to over think and create more balance and alignment of the feeling, sensing and intuitive parts of my “earthy brain”. Next step – reading The Executive Brain.

  • Karen Pierce

    My experience of being in flow didn’t really start to happen in regular, say weekly, ways until about a year ago. I had been two years into serious focus on staying in what I know know ANI calls an upspiral. So about a year ago I started noticing, on some days, even hour by hour, things occuring around me that were related to my growth along a path of a higher vibration, or higher destiny. I would get confirmation from the universe that I was on the right path just by being in a positive frame of mind, and in an observing state. I noticed that even what was being said to me in conversation was somehow related to the universe giving me a message in hundreds, yes hundreds, of ways to “go for it”. It meaning, “grow larger, become more of who you really are, Karen”! Do this or that you’ve been thinking, you’re thinking on the right track! Have courage! Be you!

    Honestly, when it first started occurring during that time, I would become so taken aback by what I was experiencing, that I would inadvertantly shut it down! I almost couldn’t take all the new experiences coming my way, the messages, the love, was overwhelming! I’ve since learned to stay in gratitude when it is occurring, and I move in and out of being able to be in that high a vibe core. And honestly, reading the blog post here about the response from the universe to our upspiral is further affirmation that my intuition was indeed right on about what was happening then, and does happen now when I can maintain that higher vibration. I’m grateful for finding ANI, and for this post. It isn’t everyday you find someone you can share this kind of thing with and expect to be believed. Hopefully we are learning to change the world’s view and experience about what would be considered “woowoo”.

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