How Do You Create Oneness?

Self DividedWe separate from ourselves very easily. The step of separation leads to blaming, fear, anxiety, worry, and dread that starts with not listening for where the “click” is when you break with yourself.

You know when you are in a conversation and something just clicks off. You know when fear sets in or when that feeling of oneness is there. Ignore it long enough and a little itch becomes a big rash of discontent.

In our work of NeuroPositivity™ we focus not on the problem of separation, because it is everywhere and because it does absolutely no good to put the focus there.

We focus on oneness, creating and living it through the practice of flow, moving meditation, “just this.”

This reality of Oneness or Living in Union with your self is the state of “flow.” It is what we call “moving meditation.” It is being “one with the music.” It is essential that we learn how to do “just this,” to focus andFlow Feel to be able to “stay put” in whatever we are doing.

Classical states of flow are described as challenges that match our skill, forgetting the ego, and just letting go to a state of immersion in something that we love.

But all of life can be a “just this” experience.

This “just this” experience is the practice of living in union with yourself or at Oneness.

Flow WavesThe experience causes brain synchrony. The brain uses less psychic energy and its daily allotment of psychic energy is far better spent. It is the essence of energy.

This state of union with your self is what allows your inner desire to bubble to the top so that you start to be able to know what you want.

Don’t know what you want?

Then you’re separated from yourself and you are not practicing flow. You are not appreciating your life or much of anything around you, and you are not practicing flow or “just this.”Purr

There is an energy like a low hum that switches on when I am in union with “me.” I purr and so does my life.

How do you know and recognize when you are in Union with YOU?

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Dr. William K. Larkin
  • MissTowner

    I’m reading this post at the most perfect time ! I was just stressing about a situation in my life and was getting far away from any and all strengths of mine. Now that that I’m brought back to this beautiful reminder that God has equipped me the get through any and everything, I’m tapping into my strengths of positivity and spirituality to get myself back into the flow of all is well!

  • joseph967

    I have been meditating for a little over a year now, I’m so grateful to God that he has restored a proper balance and the ability to focus on the positive through mediation.Whenever I feel that I’m unable to focus or struggling with something I return to meditation and things seem to flow much easier and without struggling.

  • How do you know & recognize when your are in Union with YOU? For me the “mind-chatter” drops away. I am open to and appreciating all that is around me – people, nature, music, silence, and Oneness. I feel an inner smile, a joie de vivre, a flow!

  • In the book, A Hidden Wholeness, Parker J Palmer speaks of us loosing our way. He shares the story of a time when the farmers of the Great Plains, at the first sign of a blizzard, would tie a rope from the back door to the barn. They all knew of situations where others had lost their way in the whiteout and had frozen to death..sometimes feet from the back door. I would like to think of that guiding rope as the Upspiral.. something that is going to get me back home.

  • Joe_Mojo

    I recognize that I am in union with myself in a couple of
    ways. I have a sense of great calm and peace, similar to endorphin release
    during and after exercise. I also experience a low level warm buzz like purring, as
    Dr Larkin describes. The resulting brain synchrony allows the flow of thought
    to be very free. If I have a decision to make then that process becomes much
    easier and reliable since I am in the moment. I am at peace and the noise of the
    world (except for the warm buzz) is gone, so often the answer I am seeking
    becomes obvious. Or, It becomes clear that I am not ready to make that decision
    and then I often gain clarity what piece, or pieces, are missing for me make a
    good choice. There are many other benefits.

    The tangible (to me) warm buzz has become a good ground for
    me. It is not always available but when I have it I know I’m in a place that
    allows me a strong, healthy view of the world and a centered perspective of
    what’s going on around me. Not surprisingly, this is also where my best
    coaching comes from. My goal is to use Upspiral training and neuroplasticity to
    make finding that particular ground easier. Clicking in as easily as we click

  • Jodi Yauch

    I’m interested in what is meant by ‘psychic energy’ in this part of the article?

    “The brain uses less psychic energy and its daily allotment of psychic energy is far better spent.”

  • Yogess1111

    I love the idea of the ‘click’ being that split second you lose touch with yourself. We have all had the experience of being in the flow. How do we fall out? When does it happen? Can you feel, see or sense that moment you disconnect? If we can move through life more mindfully, we can catch the ‘click’ sooner and identify what happened and use our tools to reconnect. Taking time to look at the ‘clicks’ can make us more aware and increase our ability to stand in our true selves.

  • Kathleen Burkhalter

    When I am in the state of flow, time runs without effort, I feel content and happy and energized.

  • Swanstar98

    Today I was drawn to the statement, “all of life can be a ‘just this’ experience.” One of my deep
    desires is to be present, to Life, to myself, to others, to all of it, to “just this.” I find the experience of being present deeply satisfying. I know and recognize when I’m in presence with myself (another way of saying “in Union with YOU”) by the response within my body (sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s resounding). Just as the body gives us
    information on when we’re in separation, it is also a messenger / receptor / communicator / experiencer of unification. One of the joys of Union is being in tune to hear and appreciate those vibrations of purring within my body.

    While writing this I had the experience of Oneness and felt myself being present. I then chose to respond to a phone call that interrupted this experience (it was poor reception which
    hindered communication and the call dropped mid-conversation – now there’s an experience of separation). My body alerted me to separation that occurred from myself as well – tightening in my gut, closing down, narrowing in my response to being reactive. What I love about tools of NeuroPositivity is that I have a productive place to go with my choice in each moment. I chose to go to gratitude and experience it immediately.

    For me today (and being in week 2 of the class) it is enough that more and more of life can be a “just this” experience. I am grateful for the upward lean and so it is.

  • Is there a tool to use to be connected rapidly ? I link this connection with the Logical Levels of Bateson. When we are aligned with your mission, identity, values and beliefs everything is working at the level of competences, behaviuor and environement.

  • I recognize union with myself through the joy in my eyes. It’s like I can feel them sparkle. (Never thought I’d type that in a blog.) I feel union when I pule the feeling meditation and state my positive/strength based intention for the day. I feel union when I remember my UpSpiral, Emotional Scale and Vibecore scores and feel the zing of joyful energy and conscious shift. I feel union.

  • I love “just this”. It is like a mantra that helps me to focus and feel, feel and focus. For me connecting with my self, the flow and the emotion come especially when I sing. There is a song from Peter Pan, that I sing to my grand daughter…”Neverland.” From the first line, “I have a place where dreams are born… She stares into my eyes and we are in is a moment of “just this.”

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