A Wider Vision Of Passion

We are disVision5.jpgcovering that it is a “vision” of one’s life that will most heal the negative core beliefs of the past. It is also a wider vision of the future that will grease the passage through a transition. Negative core beliefs and transitions cause us to go into a DownSpiral and to “clutch” at what is, making ourselves the victims of this or that trauma or change. Actually, the brain is simply attempting to conserve glucose (the fuel of the brain) in order to maintain a constant level of synchronicity. When that is threatened, a fear mechanism is kicked into gear which signals some threat, the worst of which is the “unknown.” This is a biological response to novelty or “newness” solely to conserve psychic energy and maintain the glucose fuel burn. It would be like an override in your car that slows your car down when you are going at a speed that is using more gas than needed for the speed at which you are accelerating.

Think of not being able to increase the speed of your car going up a steep hill. The brain is doing something like that when it is time for a “wider vision.” We Transmission.jpgare comfortable when we are coasting along until it slows us down and doesn’t seem work to work as smoothly.

The function of vision is to heal the past and to guide the individual and group “brain” toward the future with eagerness and enthusiasm. Inspiration cannot come, the “how” cannot be created, and the leaders cannot emerge when there is no vision or a puny vision that really does not move you through a transition in life.

We pay little attention to transitions and we know less about them. But they are the stuff of life. We are enthralled by people who keep reinventing themselves because it is the work of all of us. And it is the work to reinvent, sometimes in whole new ways, the visions that once drove us to greatness.

TherPot_O_Gold.jpge is an enormous abundance of ideas and this is the time to get the billion dollar idea. This is the time to get the idea that will put your organization forward in a way that will speak to a new age with aliveness, vitality and verve. A vision, when it is right, arouses passion and the desire to “belong to it.”

Everything you learn here– from the Emotional Gym, to Strengths, to VibeCore, to FuturePac, to VisioNavigator and MasteRevelation, is about this vision that we never get done but that keeps us soooo alive in the living of it.

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Dr. William K. Larkin

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