A New Year Of NeuroPositivity

NeuroPositivity doesn't mean “happy, happy, happy.”

You can be sad and be positive.

You can be frustrated and be positive.

You can be angry and be positive.

You can be uncertain and be positive.

Being happy is only one expression of NeuroPositivity. 

But being positive is a perspective, it’s a way of being, it’s a big part of your real nature.

Being positive is the upward direction of energy and intention when you are in the process of expressing the end result. It is how you choose to be while you’re on the journey from one place to a better place. It is the bias of the very nature and structure of your brain.

NeuroPositivity is more like faith or being steadfast in what you believe, even when what you believe is changing or shaking. Positivity is a knowing that when one door closes another door opens.

NeuroPositivity has a great deal to do with how you are making meaning in your life. It has a great deal to do with your sense of personal significance, even if it’s changing as it does in major transitions in your life. Big change is an opportunity to discover more of yourself and the huge world that is your gift to experience.

Every thought we think, every feeling we feel, and every word we speak adds to the growing neuroplasticity of the always emerging, always changing neuroplastic brain.

At ANI, this is what we believe and what the research proves:

1) Being in an UpSpiral of positivity is a universally desirable state for everyone, no exceptions.

2) “Feeling Good” is the natural outcome or result of being in an UpSpiral. It is the norm.

3)  Pessimism is unnecessary and undesirable, if you know your strengths. In fact, pessimism is the gateway to negativity and depression-what we call the “Down Spiral.” Strengths well-trained and utilized lessen the need for pessimistic living.

4) Your scientifically tested strengths reveal your “best self” and keep you living in your UpSpiral.

5) A life of flow is our natural state and the mental state of “flow” will heal and strengthen your brain.

6) You have a “vibe” that is like a magnet that draws to you what you have in your life. It is like an energy that we can’t yet measure. We call it your Vibe Core. Work it and it will get you what you really want, but not necessarily what you think you want.

7) Oftentimes your goals will not get you what you think you want. We believe that you may well not know what your goals are but we do believe that when you find them, and they will lead you to a vision for your life.

8) Everyone must have something like a vision for their lives that gives meaning and a sense of personal significance. A personal vision is the well-spring of satisfying happiness and an overall sense of well-being. This “meaning-making” is a part of the genome structure of your being. It is written into the code of your DNA. Meaning-making is as individual and idiosyncratic as the person.

9) Truly mutual and fruitful relationships are a vital force in our lives. These friends and experiences provide us with “revelation” that guides us to the manifestation and fulfillment of our personal vision.

From these beliefs, emerge the way we work called the NeuroPositive Method.

NeuroPositivity is moving forward and not giving in to despair and despondency. It is refusing self-doubt and holding on to the anchors in your life.

What are your “anchors of NeuroPositivity” for the New Year?

About the author

Dr. William K. Larkin
  • Yogess1111

    This is so simple yet sometimes so hard. We have a choice in how we feel. We have a choice to practice the tools to learn to be happy and stay happy. I am committed to embodying these practices to be a better me.

  • Kathleen Burkhalter

    Everything that I have learned at ANI is part of my huge anchor right now. I lean on it, I live it, I depend on it. I believed back when I was studying for the license, that if I stayed in a 95% UpSpiral that I would attract a certain number of good things in my life each week. I leaned on the experience of Dr. Larkin and Dr. J, who have been at this for a very long time. I decided when I began learning that I would just believe it. Then, BOOM! I was handed perhaps my biggest life challege – cancer. I leaned on these teachings even more. Six months later, while answers about my health are not complete, I choose to continue pulsing HOPE, LOVE, PEACE, GRATITUDE, JOY every day. I write my Daily Plan and watch my requests being answered in timely and coincidental ways. I saw this happen two years ago before diagnosis, and I see it happening even more intensely now. My life vision is still unfolding, and I am WANTING abundance of health, life, and goodness. It’s an interesting journey, not what I asked for, but probably what I needed.

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