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Negative Dreams, Disturbing Nightmares?

Negative Dreams, Disturbing Nightmares?

Dr. William K. Larkin

NightmaresWake up feeling scared, uneasy?

Dreams are a part of the disposal system of the brain. Nightmares clean your brain of what you don’t need. HOW? The body has the lymph system to dispose of cell waste. The brain does not have such a system so how does the brain get rid of two kinds of waste efficiently?

Cell waste and unnecessary neuronal associations.

The brain is always busy building neuronal associations. Some of these associations are useful, others are not helpful and need to get cleared out. It’s something like defragging your computer to regain Brain Defragspace. The lymphatic system in your body is at work all the time cleansing and dumping. But your brain can only cleanse when you sleep. I want you to really get that. Your brain can only cleanse when you are sleeping.

Brain health= good diet and good sufficient sleep.

Wondrously the blood vessels of the brain become the discharge system by the waste using the outside track of the brain blood vessels, then onto the blood brain barrier. The brain does not have lymph nodes. Such a miracle of design, this brain system of discharge.

Cortisol CollageBut here is the even more fascinating part. Bad dreams and negative, stressful dreams arouse cortisol, which engages other stress hormones to clean and defrag the unnecessary neuronal associations in your brain.

You are supposed to be protected by a barrier of unconsciousness so you don’t know about these nightmares, but sometimes they break through when we do not get good, restful sleep, by doing things that disrupt or interfere with good, deep sleep. That includes eating too late and what you take into your brain to process before you go to sleep. Watch negative television and you are going to be getting rid of negative neuronal associations.

We are very hung up on interpreting our dreams and assigning them some meaning. Especially the negative ones. Most of them make no sense.

They Dream Meaningsare a hobgoblin of unnecessary information and associations. Other dreams are more factual, perhaps, even predictive. However, if we are tuned into our lives and aware, our dreams are not going to tell us much more than our own more acute observations of our life would tell us if we were paying closer attention.

When we don’t, dreams break through what we don’t want to face, dumping our charade that isn’t working. Superficial people have fantastic breakthrough dreams. Get it?

The more your life is characterized by increasing genuine positivity being, the more negative dreams you are likely to have, as your brain cooperates and discharges more negative material. It’s good sign, not an omen that you’re failing.

Brain Cleanse 2Get good sleep to keep your brain clear and alert, and don’t be startled if you wake up feeling low or blah or frightened from a dream you can barely remember.

Nothing is wrong, the cleaning just took longer and likely what frightened you was dumping some very bad image you used to have of yourself that no longer fits anywhere!

In our dreams we are often saying goodbye to what no longer works, or solving an endless problem of something we haven’t yet let go of, of course disguised in the dream.

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