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Your Vibe, Your Life…Your Choice

Your Vibe, Your Life…Your Choice

Brain MagneticYour “vibe” is your magnet. Every one has a vibration that is an expression of where they’re basically “coming from”.

We read people’s “vibe” so naturally that we don’t even realize that we’re doing it – and they read ours.

We are drawn to some people and repelled by others.

Our vibration also tunes us into the world like a magnet and determines what we attract into our lives by the nature of where we put our focus and by how strongly we put our focus in that place.

Try this for what constitutes your “vibe.” It is knowing what you want, believing you’re going to get it, and being open to all the ways that it can come in its time frame and not necessarily yours.

The Wantings Key“package” may look different than you expect, and may come when you aren’t expecting it.

The stronger you are in knowing what you want, believing you will get it, and being open to how it will arrive, the stronger your “vibe” will be. It will affect the nature and strength of your focus, which acts as a magnet.

If you are wishy-washy about what you want, don’t really believe you will get it, and rigid about how it has to come, your “vibe” will be conflicted and weak and so will your “personal magnet of focus”.

How OrangeNotice that none of this is about the “how”. The “how” shows up wonderfully when these other pieces are in place.

What this is all about is your “VibeCore.”

So you have this “vibe” that you transmit as surely as a frequency or signal and it’s rooted in what has brought you what you have in your life.

It is not your positive thinking or your negative thinking that so much attracts what you want or don’t want; it is your NeuroPositive being or your negativity being.

It is the very nature of your reasoning.

NeuroPositivity is not just positive thinking. It is what it means to begin to alter the nature of your mind and to be able to live in an UpSpiral of growing consciousness that brings back the “oneness” youOneness New begin to see in the mirror.

However, at the core of it all, at the core of “vibe” is knowing what you want.

Everything starts with knowing what you want.

We powerfully create our worlds through the strength of our VibeCore. As your VibeCore grows you will increasingly get more and more of what you want.


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