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How Do You Create Oneness?

How Do You Create Oneness?

Self DividedWe separate from ourselves very easily. The step of separation leads to blaming, fear, anxiety, worry, and dread that starts with not listening for where the “click” is when you break with yourself.

You know when you are in a conversation and something just clicks off. You know when fear sets in or when that feeling of oneness is there. Ignore it long enough and a little itch becomes a big rash of discontent.

In our work of NeuroPositivity™ we focus not on the problem of separation, because it is everywhere and because it does absolutely no good to put the focus there.

We focus on oneness, creating and living it through the practice of flow, moving meditation, “just this.”

This reality of Oneness or Living in Union with your self is the state of “flow.” It is what we call “moving meditation.” It is being “one with the music.” It is essential that we learn how to do “just this,” to focus andFlow Feel to be able to “stay put” in whatever we are doing.

Classical states of flow are described as challenges that match our skill, forgetting the ego, and just letting go to a state of immersion in something that we love.

But all of life can be a “just this” experience.

This “just this” experience is the practice of living in union with yourself or at Oneness.

Flow WavesThe experience causes brain synchrony. The brain uses less psychic energy and its daily allotment of psychic energy is far better spent. It is the essence of energy.

This state of union with your self is what allows your inner desire to bubble to the top so that you start to be able to know what you want.

Don’t know what you want?

Then you’re separated from yourself and you are not practicing flow. You are not appreciating your life or much of anything around you, and you are not practicing flow or “just this.”Purr

There is an energy like a low hum that switches on when I am in union with “me.” I purr and so does my life.

How do you know and recognize when you are in Union with YOU?

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