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The Cumulative Stress Of The DownSpiral
Your Vibe, Your Life…Your Choice
How Do You Create Oneness?
The Toxic Ecology Of Negativity

The Cumulative Stress Of The DownSpiral

StressedWhat gets you “down?”

Great at handling the big things, defeated by the trifles?

You are awakened by the dog whimpering to go outside. You get out of bed to find that he has already had an accident on the kitchen floor.

Once outside, in your robe, the early-bird neighbor already on her brisk, healthy morning walk waves a big wave and a broad smile –she’s fine and you’re cold. The dog runs in the street. Once inside you go to the bathroom and you notice that the faucet is leaking.

That almost does it, but not quite. You reach for the electric toothbrush, drop it, break the new plastic head, and then you lean with both hands on the vanity, look into the mirror, and decide in a single moment that you look like hell and that all of life is on top of you.

You are oppressed by the trifles before you have ever had the chance to show the world how well you deal with the big things –like your job or your very glowing vision for life.

For some people, it’s just the faucet leaking that can ruin their morning.

If traffic is stalled on the way to work, how will you be by 7:30 in the morning?

Stress StopperThis is called cumulative stress and it is a build-up of little conditions on the outside of you that add up and OWN you, If you allow it.

Here’s the decision we have to make. I OWN my world and my emotional reaction to it.

I will build a muscle of peace so strong that I can flex that muscle as soon as I see the pee on the floor and the neighbor’s cheery smile way too early in my morning. I have decided to use any small negative event as a cue to go to peace. And I pulse it: peace, peace, peace, peace, peace. Rooted in a decision not be controlled by conditions outside of me, I practice this until my positive neuropathways are stronger than my negative ones.

Denial NoIt is not that I repress my negativity. That is not the problem here. It is not that I deny it. It is that I choose to do a different thing with negativity when it happens. I choose to go to peace, peace, peace, peace, and the emotional muscle of going to it with immediacy. I can get to peace as quickly as I can get to anger and anxiety if I practice it.

For me, it is exactly the same as meditation. I learn that I can LET GO of the negative and have a different response. I’m not denying. I’m choosing differently.

It is the cumulative little things that kill us. It is the cumulative little things adding up, one after another, that become the straw that breaks this camel’s back.

And it is all because our negative emotions are undisciplined and our positive emotions are flabby and weak. Worried more about our pecs and butts than our emotional responses to life, we are crushed when the toothbrush breaks, and brought down by a leaky faucet.

There has to be an early decision to live a style of life where the conditions “out there” are not going to have as much control as the muscles of good emotions on the inside of us. But they have to be grown, developed, and exercised.Emotions Managed

Try this. Don’t deny negative experiences, but instead make a decision for emotional facility and true emotional agility.

Use a negative event as a cue to practice FEELING a positive feeling, growing it, flexing it, strengthening it. What possible good do you think it does you to get irritated and frustrated and even hopeless over breaking your toothbrush and the fact that your dog pees in the wrong places?

You may think this is normal, and it’s just a matter of accepting yourself and life on life’s terms, but it’s not. That’s just not the truth.

100 Days HappyThe truth is that it is sloppy management of your emotional life. It is undisciplined negativity and underdeveloped positivity. And what you do before 8:00 in the morning is what you will do all day long.

It takes a decision and it takes practice not to let the little conditions of life OWN you. Changing your thinking is not enough. You have to grow the feelings you want to feel at your quick and easy fingertips.


Your Vibe, Your Life…Your Choice

Brain MagneticYour “vibe” is your magnet. Every one has a vibration that is an expression of where they’re basically “coming from”.

We read people’s “vibe” so naturally that we don’t even realize that we’re doing it – and they read ours.

We are drawn to some people and repelled by others.

Our vibration also tunes us into the world like a magnet and determines what we attract into our lives by the nature of where we put our focus and by how strongly we put our focus in that place.

Try this for what constitutes your “vibe.” It is knowing what you want, believing you’re going to get it, and being open to all the ways that it can come in its time frame and not necessarily yours.

The Wantings Key“package” may look different than you expect, and may come when you aren’t expecting it.

The stronger you are in knowing what you want, believing you will get it, and being open to how it will arrive, the stronger your “vibe” will be. It will affect the nature and strength of your focus, which acts as a magnet.

If you are wishy-washy about what you want, don’t really believe you will get it, and rigid about how it has to come, your “vibe” will be conflicted and weak and so will your “personal magnet of focus”.

How OrangeNotice that none of this is about the “how”. The “how” shows up wonderfully when these other pieces are in place.

What this is all about is your “VibeCore.”

So you have this “vibe” that you transmit as surely as a frequency or signal and it’s rooted in what has brought you what you have in your life.

It is not your positive thinking or your negative thinking that so much attracts what you want or don’t want; it is your NeuroPositive being or your negativity being.

It is the very nature of your reasoning.

NeuroPositivity is not just positive thinking. It is what it means to begin to alter the nature of your mind and to be able to live in an UpSpiral of growing consciousness that brings back the “oneness” youOneness New begin to see in the mirror.

However, at the core of it all, at the core of “vibe” is knowing what you want.

Everything starts with knowing what you want.

We powerfully create our worlds through the strength of our VibeCore. As your VibeCore grows you will increasingly get more and more of what you want.


How Do You Create Oneness?

Self DividedWe separate from ourselves very easily. The step of separation leads to blaming, fear, anxiety, worry, and dread that starts with not listening for where the “click” is when you break with yourself.

You know when you are in a conversation and something just clicks off. You know when fear sets in or when that feeling of oneness is there. Ignore it long enough and a little itch becomes a big rash of discontent.

In our work of NeuroPositivity™ we focus not on the problem of separation, because it is everywhere and because it does absolutely no good to put the focus there.

We focus on oneness, creating and living it through the practice of flow, moving meditation, “just this.”

This reality of Oneness or Living in Union with your self is the state of “flow.” It is what we call “moving meditation.” It is being “one with the music.” It is essential that we learn how to do “just this,” to focus andFlow Feel to be able to “stay put” in whatever we are doing.

Classical states of flow are described as challenges that match our skill, forgetting the ego, and just letting go to a state of immersion in something that we love.

But all of life can be a “just this” experience.

This “just this” experience is the practice of living in union with yourself or at Oneness.

Flow WavesThe experience causes brain synchrony. The brain uses less psychic energy and its daily allotment of psychic energy is far better spent. It is the essence of energy.

This state of union with your self is what allows your inner desire to bubble to the top so that you start to be able to know what you want.

Don’t know what you want?

Then you’re separated from yourself and you are not practicing flow. You are not appreciating your life or much of anything around you, and you are not practicing flow or “just this.”Purr

There is an energy like a low hum that switches on when I am in union with “me.” I purr and so does my life.

How do you know and recognize when you are in Union with YOU?

The Toxic Ecology Of Negativity

Brain Connecting

How much time do you want to spend with negative feelings?

How Much? Really, HOW MUCH?

How much time do you want to spend telling yourself that your negative feelings are ok? How much time do you want negative feelings soothed?

How long do you want to park in negative feelings?

Negative feelings are a warning system. Some negative feelings are learned habits; we’ve spent a lot of time practicing them. When we don’t pay attention to them, they add up and get our attention in one way or another.Brain Habits

Either way, an important question is how important are they to you? How much time do you want to feel negatively when you think it’s justified for you to do so?

Negativity comes at a significant cost. It raises your cortisol level, which in turn arouses your sympathetic nervous system, which in turn arouses a whole host of hormones that create stress that affects everything, including about your health and the clarity of your perception, not to mention the length of your life.

We know negativity can be a warning, but how much alarm do you want?

I want only as much negativity to give me a cue to check out it’s accuracy: is something really negative?

I want as little negative arousal as possible. I want to use as little output of energy on feeling or thinking negatively as possible. I want as little reaction as possible for the sake of my health and my clarity of perception.

I just don’t want to waste any more time there than is absolutely necessary.

Why? Because this is what I know.

Positivity MagnifiedMy energy is always better spent when my perception of things is on the positive, solution side of things and when I am using my strengths (what is best about me) to solve any issue.

I want to waste as little of my own gas as possible. I don’t want to waste my gas on driving myself in ways that are unproductive. I want to get as much mileage out of my personal gas as possible.

I want to love and create as much as possible. I hate waste. I believe that the best ecology of the planet begins with my own attitude toward my own energy and taking good ecological care of myself and my output of effort.

I want it to count and matter because my life is a gift.

If I believe my life is a gift, I am much more likely to believe that the planet is a gift.Life Gift

There are those who believe that negativity, like anger, springs us into action. It does, that’s true, but the cost is great, much greater than when we take action based on a positive use of our strengths. There isn’t a problem to be solved that isn’t done better from kindness and love than from anger or frustration.

Negativity, while normal and natural, has a far greater cost to us personally than positive energy. Negativity is like driving the most gas-guzzling car you can find, the most polluting, and paying the highest price possible for gas. It’s just a waste and it harms the environment.

Do you think that your negativity doesn’t harm the planet? People who throw trash out their car windows from the fast food joint they poisoned themselves with are exercising a lot of negativity.

I actually believe that when I send love to someone in my thoughts and feelings that it travels in some way. I believe that my emotions and thoughts are a kind of energy that travels, but we simply don’t know how to measure it yet. Even though we know that when meditators go to a city and meditate for weekend that the crime rate goes down.

Negative-To-PositiveThis is a basic decision we have to make.

How negative do we want to be?

How much time do we want to give negative feelings?

In an age of ecology, let us be concerned about the largest waste of all – human energy wasted on unnecessary and unfruitful negativity.

People will tell you that feelings don’t have a morality. They are wrong. Your negative feelings used carelessly and capriciously hurt you and they hurt the environment, and they certainly affect those who love you.

Learn how to grow positive emotion like a muscle and learn how to make it a reflex to life’s greatest challenges.


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