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The “Default” Setting Of Your Brain

The “Default” Setting Of Your Brain

Brain RoseYou can learn to live somewhere in the UpSpiral 100% of the time.

Consider this.

Where does your brain go on its “down time?”

Do you default to an UpSpiral or a DownSpiral?

Our most precious resource is psychic energy we have in a 24 hour period to do what we do with our mind and brain.  The Mind is the larger master of how the brain thinks, feels, perceives, and does it work.  The Mind directs the brain, or it does not.

Mindlessness is a lack of consciousness about where we are spending our psychic energy.  It’s like writing checks without ever looking at the balance in the account.Mind Body

Mindlessness is what advertisers depend upon.  Mindlessness is what people who don’t want us to think depend upon.  The Mind just wanders from this to that.

Think a negative or angry thought and see where the brain goes when you send it mindlessly down that road.  Mindlessness just gets the errands of the day done. It can also get us into trouble.

If you could quantify the time your brain spends on the positive and the negative, focused on what is beautiful or whining about what you don’t have yet, what is right in your world, what’s wrong, where would you come out?

Positive Neg SeesawWhat would be your ratio of the good in your world, as compared to the negative that draws you in like a fly caught in a web?  What is your ratio of positive to negative thinking?

Mindlessness is the enemy of flourishing in your life.

Flourishing takes mindfulness of the world within you and the world around you.

Mindfulness is being awake to yourself.  It is attention, it is savoring, it is aliveness.  It’s what it takes to stay in an UpSpiral.  It is not just going along negatively reacting to the weather, to politics, or putting your focus on what is wrong or negative.  It is your focus on the solution that comes from being in an UpSpiral and using your strengths.

Mindfulness is your disciplined focus on where the popcorn is popping and not the kernels that didn’t.Poppin

What Is An UpSpiral?  It is living at a higher quality of life by managing the ups and downs of life more effectively.  It is creating a mood predisposition and it is State of Mind Management (SOMM).  It is living more up than down by using the power of your choice and learning the ways to do it.

We live by this myth that there are ups and downs in life and that they are largely created by external events.

The truth is that, for the most part, there are external events to which we respond and our response to these events determines where we are in the Spiral, not the event itself.

Door Open CloseEither you are a victim of a difficulty or you are stripping a problem of everything it has to teach you and becoming stronger and wiser.

You are learning to let one door close so another can open.


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