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NeuroPositivity: On The Right Side Of History

NeuroPositivity: On The Right Side Of History

Negative events and our habit of worrying often seem so much more real and powerful in our mind.

For some, it’s the “ambient soundtrack” of their mind and brain.

What are you worrying about? How much anxiety do you experience?

How much THREAT do you feel OR how SAFE do you feel?

Right now your heart is beating in a way that is signaling to your body that you are feeling either safety or feeling threat. Which is it for you?

It is entirely possible to be in threat when there is no real threat at all; we just think the negative thoughts that put us in threat. In SAFETY your parasympathetic systems has you at rest, restoring you, healing you, building up your resilient reserves. In threat, your sympathetic system is arousing the hormones of defense and flight/ flight.

This is the choice: calm/connect or fight/flight? Which describes you?

Negative events create a larger variance from the norm.

They capture more of our attention because they create more “noise” by being greater departures from our real nature. They can move us into a State Of Mind of “threat” and a habit of “fight/flight.”

Our real nature, the neuropositive, is more even, more ongoing, more constant in its nature.

It’s the opposite of the noisy, banging, clanging effects of what is at variance with the neuropositive norm- the negative.

We think we are more negative because controlling it seems to bring greater and more immediate relief.

But the relief is always temporary, so long we believe that “where it’s at” is chasing down the negative variance, rather than increasing the neuropositive, heliotropic, light- seeking and life-giving tendencies that really are our truest, most aligned selves.

If you focus on the noise of the negative, you will increase your “hearing” of it.

So much so that when it is quiet, the quiet goes largely unnoticed, in the search for the cure of the noise.

Your brain can be caught up in that search.

The negative has us fooled.

We are seekers of light.

We have this choice that is heliotropic and growth oriented, or we can get confused and decide against it and block the growth.  However, “the block” is exactly that- an aberration away from what is given, from what is the truth, and that is the movement of the Mind directing the brain toward the positive, toward the light, toward truth, toward virtue, toward well-being. 

We are on the side of history that studies the heliotropic, neuropositive orientation of the Mind upon its servant, the brain.

We are traveling on this NeuroPositive, growth-evoking, light-seeking journey.

This shift to the knowledge and practice of NeuroPositivity is part of the shift of consciousness of the planet.

What is positive and good is everywhere, but it requires a lens.

That lens is to see what is negative as a departure from the rule, and not the rule that orders life and well-being.

What’s your lens?

Do you want to make yourself feel “threat” or “safety”?

It is not a requirement to exhaust the lens of the negative before you can pick up the neuropositive lens.

NeuroPositivity is a more educated choice.

It’s a choice in the direction of the nature of being itself, but to claim this lens, you may have to turn off the television, stop negative conversation and gossip, and generally be much more selective about what you take in.

We worry about so many things- our place in the check out line, the person who cuts us off in traffic, the motorcycle rider who thinks the broken line between cars is his special lane. Try this: let someone get ahead of you in the check out lane, imagine the person who cut you off in traffic has a pregnant wife ready to deliver, and pray that the 19 year old on the motorcycle gets home safely.

We can change our world of “threat” by changing our perceived notion that someone is getting ahead of us, by checking our own need to worry about getting behind, losing time, having to hurry, running out of time, not getting everything done and letting it go.

The right side of history is the way the river is flowing, and that is in the direction and with the force of NeuroPositivty: well-being, improved health, thriving relationships, a deeper sense of meaning and personal significance, and increasing longevity.

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